Ticking Sound Wear – Instructions

Ticking Sound Wear is a Wear OS application that allows you to make your smartwatch tick like a classic mechanical watch.

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The free version of the app is more like a demo version and lets you test the app. The free version has one ticking sound and one ticking mode available, but if you like the app, or you’d like to support us, please consider getting the PRO version to unlock the full functionality.

From the Configuration menu you can select the ticking sound you like. You can tap the Ticking X text to preview the sound, and on the right checkbox of the sound to set it. Currently, there are 7 sounds you can choose from. More sounds will be added with time. We are open to suggestions!

Also on the Configuration menu you can decide when your watch should tick. There are multiple ticking modes you can choose from. You have to test these modes in a real life scenario to see what you like the most. We recommend choosing the ones that are battery efficient.

On the Settings page, you can turn on or off the ticking sound, or adjust its volume. The volume of the ticking sound depends on the Media volume of the watch. The volume slider only lets you fine-tune the volume to your liking. For example, if the Media volume of the watch is at 50% and the volume slider also at 50%, the ticking sound’s volume will be 25% of the maximum volume possible.


  • Pay attention that the operating system can turn off the app in certain situations, like when the watch battery is very low or when the watch is restarted. You’ll need to re-enable the ticking sound from the app or the tile.
  • When the ticking sound is enabled, the app has a background service that plays the sound. You’ll see the app as active in the background when you go to Recent Apps, which is normal.
  • The ticking sound stops automatically when other sounds are played on the watch, like when you are listening to music or making a call, so it doesn’t interfere with the other apps on the watch.
  • If the ticking sound shuts down unexpectedly, consider disabling battery optimizations for the app, by going to watch settings->Apps->App list->Ticking Sound Wear->Permissions and turning off the Pause app activity if unused option, and lastly, by going to Battery and device care->Battery->Sleeping apps and removing the app from the list.


To make it easier to enable/disable the ticking sound, you can use the tile that the application comes with. Simply go to add a new tile on your smartwatch and select the Control Ticking Sound tile from the list.

If you have problems setting up this application, please contact us using this form.

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