Ticking Sound – Instructions

Ticking Sound is an application for Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

With this application, you can make your smartwatch tick like a real mechanical wristwatch.

Download link: https://galaxystore.samsung.com/geardetail/FI8rXTtO3p

NEW! The app is now available for Wear OS smartwatches! Read more here:


The application is so simple to use that the offline instructions that you can find inside the app are enough to understand everything about it.

After installing it on your smartwatch, open the application and select the desired sound from the Configuration page. Currently, there are 7 sounds you can choose from. More sounds will be added with time. We are open to suggestions!

From the same Configuration page you can select the “timing” for the ticking sound, by clicking on the When to tick? button. I suggest leaving it on the Recommended mode, so that the impact of the application on battery will be minimal. On this mode, the ticking sound will play only when you interact directly with the smartwatch. On Mode 5, Mode 10, Mode 20, Mode 30 the ticking sound will also play 5/10/20/30 seconds after you stop interacting with the smartwatch. You have to test these modes in a real life scenario to see what you like the most.

You can also choose Always ON mode, which will make the watch tick all the time. I don’t recommend this mode, because it drains the battery really fast. It’s like leaving a song play non-stop on your smartwatch. In my tests, it fully discharged a full charged watch in 8 hours.

After selecting the desired ticking sound and mode, go to Settings, enable the application and select the desired volume for the ticking sound.

The application will be killed by the system each time you restart the smartwatch or switch it to power-saving mode. You’ll need to re-enable the application each time these events happen.


To make it easier to enable/disable the ticking sound, you can use the widget that this application comes with. Simply go to add a new widget on your smartwatch and select the Ticking Sound Widget from the list.

If you have problems setting up this application, please contact me using this form.

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