Custom Wallpaper – Instructions

Custom Wallpaper is a Samsung smartwatch application that allows changing the background image of the smartwatch menu with a custom image from your smartwatch’s gallery.

Compatible with: Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

ATTENTION: The application does not change the image on your watchface!

Download link:

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it:

  • Install the application from the Samsung App Store.
  • The image that you want to set as wallpaper for your smartwatch needs to have a 360×360 pixels resolution (the resolution of the display), otherwise, the image will look distorted. The image you want as wallpaper might be bigger or smaller than that, so you’ll need to crop a part of it or resize it to make it have 360×360 pixels resolution. There are many ways to do this, using online image editors, applications like Adobe Photoshop, and so on. In this tutorial, I’ll show you two methods to do this.
  1. Use our Custom wallpaper – Samsung smartwatch application available for Android users.
    • Install the application on your Android device.
    • Select the image you want to set as wallpaper on your smartwatch, crop it, and save it.
  2. Use this online image resizer
    • At the first step, upload the image you want to set as wallpaper
    • At the second step (Crop your image), tick the Fixed Aspect Ratio checkbox, and in the two boxes next to it, insert 1 on each and press the Change button. So you want a 1:1 Fixed Aspect Ratio, like in the image below.
    • Select the part of the image you want as wallpaper and press the Crop button.
    • At the third step, you can rotate the image if you want.
    • At the fourth step, untick the Keep Aspect Ratio checkbox and insert 360 in the second and third boxes. So you want to have a 360×360 pixels resolution.
    • At the sixth step, select JPG or PNG.
    • Leave all other settings as they are or adjust them if you know what you are doing.
    • Click on the Resize image button and then on Download image.
  • Transfer the cropped image to your smartwatch using the Galaxy Wearable application.
  • Open the Custom Wallpaper application on your smartwatch and select the transferred image from your gallery.
  • The application can only work if all its required permissions are allowed. If the application shows error messages when trying to set the wallpaper, go to smartwatch’s settings -> Apps -> Permissions, select this app, and make sure all the permissions are enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When I select an wallpaper in the application it says Can’t add more than 1 background image. What’s the problem?
    • When you enter on the image selection page, the first image that appears is already selected. You can see a blue outline on it. You just have to deselect it by clicking on it, and then proceed to select the desired image.
  2. The Custom Wallpaper – Samsung smartwatch application does not work on my device. What can I do?
    • Please use the second method presented in this tutorial for creating the 360×360 pixels wallpaper and send us an email with your Android smartphone brand, type, and Android version.

If you have problems setting up this application, please contact me using this form.

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